Founder's Note | The Kettlery

I grew up drinking the classic Indian Masala Chai in Gujarat, India, and was always amazed at the importance of drinking Chai held in social gatherings of all kinds. After completing my graduate studies, I was fortunate to work for a large tea retailer in the United States for a few years, where I was exposed to the world of fine tea. I learned about loose leaf teas sourced from across the globe - from India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, and numerous other countries - and developed an appreciation for the aromatic, visually striking, and flavourful liquor that premium loose leaf teas can produce when brewed using the right techniques or blended with the right ingredients. I realised that although tea was one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, its culture could be very local, and most tea-drinkers were not aware of the multitudes of tea varieties and combinations that exist. 

It struck me that although Masala Chai has enjoyed a cult status in India, there is a lot more the world of premium loose leaf teas can offer. The endless possibilities of creating exotic blends inspired by global flavours excited me, and since I belonged to a family that had several decades of experience in agribusiness, I decided to come back to India and start The Kettlery in order to share my passion for specialty loose leaf teas and the ways they can be paired with fine foods to create memorable culinary experiences. I hope that with its specially selected single-origin loose teas, tisanes, and artisanal tea blends, The Kettlery will inspire you to enjoy this remarkable beverage whenever you want, and however you like it.

- Sandeep