Mint is not just a flavor its an Attitude! This couldn't be more true for our super refreshing mint teas on a green and herbal tea base featuring various types of mint flavors including the famous peppermint teas like Amusing Peppermint widely used for refreshment, sinus relief and digestion, spearmint teas like Moroccon Mint famous for hormone regulation in women and to curb unwanted hair growth and popular "pudina" or fresh field mint teas like Chamomile Mint that may aid digestion, sleep and weight loss.

Feel a waft of freshness on your lips and energy in your body with our minty tea blends. Explore our amazing array of Minty teas with plethora of health benefits here.

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Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea
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Relax and Purify Fennel Tea
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Whole Peppermint Green Tea Tin - 65 gms
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