About Us

The Kettlery is a business built on a passion for high quality loose leaf tea and a quest for redefining the way tea is consumed. Established in 2015, The Kettlery aimed to offer its customers an exclusive tea experience by introducing a hand-picked selection of premium loose leaf teas, tisanes (herbal teas), tea infused beverages, tea brewing accessories, and complementary foods that elevate the tea drinking experience to a gourmet affair. Today, The Kettlery operates in multiple business formats from brick and mortar retail stores, cafes and restaurants across the country.

We also provide several Business Solutions for Hotels & Resorts, Event Planners and Small Businesses or Specialty Shops in Gifting or Catered experiences and distribute our products and services in more than 12 countries via brand website and partner channels. A one stop shop for all your personal, professional or business tea requirements.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to develop a premium tea lifestyle brand globally where our customers can enjoy an elevated tea drinking experience. To support this mission, we will continually build strong relationships with our customers and business partners, source the finest quality products to create innovative blends that represent global flavors, and educate our employees and customers on the different varieties and benefits of drinking loose leaf tea. The Kettlery’s vision is to be a global leader in developing innovative, high quality tea, gourmet food, merchandise, accessories and culinary concepts. To realize this vision The Kettlery is continually invests in research, development, technology and training to curate agile, process oriented and globally scalable business models.

Brand Promise

We are promoters of high quality standards be it design, manufacturing or delivery. We adhere ourselves and all our partners to the highest possible quality standards and apply the same across our value chain. While tea dust is the most commonly consumed form of tea in India and several other countries due to factors such as cost per cup and ease of use, it is also the lowest grade of tea. Tea dust and ‘fannings’, leftovers from the processing of loose leaf teas, may add a lot of colour to your cup, but the flavour and aroma is far inferior to that found in a cup of well-brewed loose leaf tea. The Kettlery seeks to introduce discerning consumers to the joys of drinking freshly brewed loose leaf tea. May it be in the form of beverages or loose tea packets that customers can purchase for themselves or as gifts, we aspire to make premium loose leaf tea a part of your daily lifestyle. Product design and quality are at the center of our very existence. Our premium loose leaf teas and tisanes are sourced from around the world, and embody exotic flavour profiles available globally. Our mission is to develop a healthy loose leaf tea lifestyle. So, besides sourcing and selecting only the finest products, all products at the Kettlery are subjected to the most stringent quality testing to ensure that they are safe for use. We also maintain a regular cupping schedule for teas to ensure that the quality of our products remains consistent from season to season. To facilitate easy tea brewing and serving Innovative and well designed tea-making equipment, tea serving accessories and designer tea gifts are an integral part of our product portfolio.

Contact Us

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with us for any business related queries. You can also send us a message on whatsapp via +918320574635