Why loose tea leaves are better than tea bags

Being a tea enthusiast, we’re sure you may know why most of the tea connoisseurs vouch for loose leaf teas above tea bags. But if you’re new to this amazingly vast world of teas, you might be confused about why you’re always suggested loose leaf teas. Well, there are lots of reasons for this distinction between loose leaf teas and tea bags. If you’re curious to know more, let us explain the basic differences that put loose leaf teas above tea bags.

The basic difference

Loose leaf teas, also known as Whole leaf teas are primarily made up of whole, unbroken leaves. On the contrary, tea-bags are made up of low tea grades such as dust and fannings, which are nothing but smaller pieces of tea. Finer the tea particles, greater the surface area for the essential oils (which make up for the flavour and aroma) to evaporate. The resulting tea is dull and stale compared to full leaf teas.


The material shape

One major disadvantage of tea bags is that they constrain the tea leaves from expanding to their full flavour and aroma. The standard tea bag material prevents the tea from diffusing from inside the bag. The paper tea bags also prevent the natural unfurling of tea leaves by collapsing onto the tea leaves. The worst thing that can happen is the taste of paper seeping into your favourite tea. No such issue exists when it comes to loose leaf teas brewed in a pot or a tea maker.


The freshness quotient

You surely want your tea to be as fresh as possible. But when it comes to tea bags, they are majorly produced on a large industrial scale. As a result, the tea might sit in warehouses for considerable periods of time before they reach you through your nearby stores. Loose leaf teas are generally produced and supplied to the consumers in shorter periods of time, giving you a fresher tea experience.


The steeping factor

Loose leaf teas give you the opportunity to steep multiple times for several cups of tea, depending upon the skill of the brewer. Meanwhile, tea bags are one time use only products as its flavour is fully extracted after just one steeping.


The subtle nuances

Loose leaf teas exhibit the most subtle nuances and flavours as the tea leaves are allowed to expand fully in hot water. In contrast, tea bags specifically deliver one-dimensional flavour profile meant for a strong brew, typically to stand up to milk and sugar.


Nevertheless, it’s always the logical thing to expand your horizons when delving into the world of teas and tisanes. If you are used to the convenience of tea bags you can still choose full leaf tea bags “pyramid tea bags” or get yourself a pack of empty tea bags and brew full leaf teas using these tea bags. Watch this video to learn how you can use tea bags to brew full leaf teas.

Apart from flavored teas, you can gradually move to straight teas as your palate develops. When you finally decide to make loose leaf teas a part of your daily meal, head on to The Kettlery to find the finest loose leaf teas and tisanes.