Tribute to the Magnificient Mary #DoNotSettle

When you recall those images of women playing sport from the movies of your childhood, you remember heroines dancing as they played badminton. Or mincing behind as they tried to run with the heroes.

What you never saw was a woman who won a game. And what you definitely never saw was a woman who threw a good punch. Everyone knows a girly punch is a bad punch.

Boxing is a tough sport after all, that is no ring for young women, they say.

Especially for a petite lightweight from India’s northeast, who grew up balancing school with taking care of her siblings and tending to her family’s green paddy fields in the Manipur.

When Olympic winner Mary Kom first expressed to people she wanted to be a professional boxer, she was mocked again and again – Boxing is not a sport for a woman. Mary was one of the countless women, people try to define by what they can’t do.

Except, Mary didn’t settle.

She boxed when they laughed at her. She boxed when she didn’t have proper equipment, she boxed when she didn’t have a sponsor and she boxed when she was nursing her twin sons. She boxed because she wanted to box. She didn’t settle for Not Boxing. Not boxing was never an option for Mary.

Her victories are the fallout.

The Kettlery feels priveleged in celebrating the unbeatable spirit of Indian women like Mary, who did not settle for less. Who punched above their weight against all odds. Who show that life is not about muzzling what you want. Whether you are in the arena, at work or at home – don’t apologize because your spirit seeks the best. Just like the Kettlery never settles on the quality of its tea. We create indulgent blends because we believe in perfecting the art of tea – and because we won’t settle on anything less than pure indulgence for you.

Starting now, don’t settle. Don’t settle on doing an MBA to please your parents when what you really want to do is design cars. Don’t settle with anyone less than the nicest life partner because they tell you it’s time to get married. Don’t settle for mediocre tea when you want the best cuppa out there. Don’t settle for silver when you want diamonds.

Don’t ever settle, because you are made to reach for the stars.