Tribute to Sakshi Malik #DoNotSettle

They call her journey one from Rohtak to Rio.

In 2016, Sakshi Malik became the first Indian woman ever to win a medal in wrestling at the Olympics.

Things could have turned out differently, had Sakshi settled for a more “popular” sport. Before the raw ochre of the akhada, was the allure of the green oval. As a child, the athletic Sakshi thought she would play cricket, since it was a far more mainstream sport than wrestling. But as it happened, she didn’t stick with the willow.

She didn’t want to settle for anything less than her natural game, you see.

So this girl born in a family of modest means in a conservative town in North India persisted with her unconventional choice of sport. Starting at 12 years of age, she woke up every day before it was light to run a gruelling training regimen. She carted her duffel back from stadium to stadium for a good mat to practice on. The gymnasiums were filled with domineering men, but Sakshi kept training. She didn’t – and still doesn’t-- take Sundays off.

And that’s why she made it to the Olympic arena in the Brazilian Capital, all the way from a small town called Rohtak.

The Kettlery celebrates Sakshi’s achievement and her choice to persist with her natural game. It’s a choice that drives us to excellence – the choice of living according to your spirit, rather than what is expected of you. The Kettlery too designs its teas by the same principle – we stay true to our call of perfect, premium quality.

We don’t settle on mediocre. And, like Sakshi, neither should you. Don’t settle for playing by the rules. Don’t settle for more money but less freedom. Don’t settle for trucks if you want to play with barbies.

Don’t settle, for anything less than extraordinary!