Tribute to Geeta Phogat #DoNotSettle

Women need to change themselves, and they need to force change.” - Geeta Phogat.

In her village in Haryana, most women still wear the veil. So that first dawn, when Geeta Phogat sprinted out of her home in cropped hair, lycra shorts and a T-shirt to train, the flow of time stopped for those who were watching.

Some sights are unsettling because they puncture the border between the world as we know it and the world of possibilities waiting to rise.

Most people who saw the teenage girl and her sister that morning;  stared, mocked and cursed. It was a chorus that was to play constantly in the lives of the Phogat sisters while they trained to wrestle, went to school and did their chores.

Until Geeta started to win. As the medals and the money from local and national competitions racked up, the voices began to fade with comical synchronicity. And as Geeta went on to become the the first woman wrestler who won a gold for India in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the first one to qualify the 2012 Summer Olympics, someone put the chorus on mute altogether.

Not that it mattered to Geeta. She had stopped paying attention to disapproval a long time ago. Listening to others meant settling for their version of her life. And Geeta doesn’t like to settle for less. Sharp athlete that she is, her sight is trained for the Gold.

The Kettlery wants to takeup this platform to take a tea-leaf out of the lives of Indian women like Geeta Phogat and champion the spirit of not settling.

The Kettlery doesn’t settle for less when it comes to creating the most original, indulgent teas for you. When it comes to reinventing the way India drinks tea. Because you deserve the best.

So go all out and go after for the better things you deserve. Chase change because no one’s going to hand it to you. Don’t settle for less. Don’t settle for not changing.