Simple tips and tricks to boost the detox power of lukewarm water with lime and honey.

Trying to lose weight? How many people have suggested you to drink lukewarm water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach? If I had to guess I’d say 8 out of 10 !

Lukewarm water with lemon and honey has many benefits including: curing indigestion, cleansing lymphatic system, helping beat bad breath, cleansing urinary tract and colon function, providing beautiful glowing skin and many more.

While all of these sound wonderful it may be mundane to follow this routine especially if you don’t like the sour taste of lemon in the mornings. However, we have a secret ingredient that will not only enhance the taste of this magical concoction but also enhance its benefits by three fold. How?

Here are 4 delicious ways to make this magical concoction help you quickly achieve your health goals.

Improve Metabolism, introduce Full leaf green tea to the mix

Instead of adding lemon and honey to plain lukewarm water brew some green tea and add lemon and honey to it and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Not only will you receive the benefits of the magical lukewarm lemon water and honey but you will add a bunch load of antioxidants. Green teas are rich in Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant considerably more potent than vitamins C and E that will help boost metabolism and burn fat faster. We recommend using the following straight full leaf teas:

Darjeeling Green : The long dark green leaves of Darjeeling Green tea make a fine liquor with sweet mild tones. It is a rare very high quality made to order green tea produced in very small batches to control quality.

Darjeeling Green Tea

Green Twirl : Green Twirl is a green tea from the majestic Nilgiris of Southern India. Longer leaves of this green tea retain rich antioxidant properties, and its mild vegetal taste makes it great base for any drink

Green Twirl First Flush Nilgiris Green Tea

Green Tea Brewing Instructions:

We recommend drinking this concoction twice a day: early in the morning on an empty stomach and 30 minutes after dinner for best results.

Fight Cold and Flu Symptoms

Hari Chai Green Tea

Honey and roasted black pepper are perfect partners to help cure sore throat and cough. Add honey to our awesome spicy green tea blend Hari Chai. This tea has the classic Indian masala chai spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with an added pinch of peppermint to refresh your palate.  Add 1 teaspoon of honey to the tea and drink it hot on an empty stomach to get rid of cold and flu symptoms.

Beat Bad Breath or Tooth Decay with Winter Cinnamon Green Tea and honey

Winter Cinnamon Green Tea

Cinnamon and honey are known to fight most of our oral health problems. Cure oral problems, improve metabolism and boost your antioxidant intake by drinking this warm and inviting cinnamon green tea with honey. Add 1 teaspoon honey to the tea. Consume it hot before meals or before going to bed.