Reasons to throw a high tea party

The trend of sophisticated High Tea Parties started in the 19th century when the ladies of the house met over tea in the evening. This tradition has been adapted across the world by ladies who love to spend some time in the evening with their closed ones. The passion and elegance have remained the same while different cultures have adapted the concept of High Tea Parties with their own tweaks here and there.

If you’re fascinated by High Tea Parties, you don’t need a reason to throw a party for your best friends. But if you’re still looking for reasons, let us give you a few.

To celebrate anniversaries

Anniversaries come once in a year. Treat them the way they deserve to be. Whether it’s your anniversary or your loved one’s, you can organize a formal or informal High Tea Party to celebrate the occasion with panache. It promises you of a gala time with the closest people in your life over some amazing teas and delicious refreshments. Plus, the photographs will be frame-worthy.


To celebrate weddings

Weddings are always a grand affair. You can make it even grander by having a High Tea Party for your guests. Not only will they have a delightful time interacting with each other in a posh set up, they’ll also be able to relish the heavenly taste of some of the best teas in the world. A High Tea Bar setup with the right food and decor will add the perfect balance to the thrill and excitement of the wedding.


To celebrate birthdays

Turning a year older is never an ordinary thing. Birthdays always call for celebrations. If you’re one of those who wants to break out from the monotony of cliche birthday celebrations, you can treat your friends to a High Tea Picnic in the park. All you need is some tea, a picnic basket with delicacies, and some tea accessories. A High Tea Picnic will be the perfect set-up for you to catch up with your friends and share a lovely conversation filled evening with them.


To celebrate your special days

Everyone has their own set of special days that only your closest people know about. It might be special for any major or minor reason, but a reason special enough for you to celebrate it. To celebrate such special days with the most special people in your life, you can organize a High Tea Party which promises you a cozy environment and warm, heartfelt conversations.


To be frank, you don’t need any special occasion or reason to host a High Tea Party. All you need is a mood and a bunch of amazing people who make your life a celebration in itself. So when are you throwing your next High Tea Party? Also check out our some handy cues to throw a successful high tea party : Mantras for High Tea Party