Moroccan Mint Detox Iced Mojito Tea: Recipe

As the winter doldrums fade, in no time will you find yourself slurping down a mojito, guzzling it all down in a lesser time than it took your bartender to make it! This eminently refreshing and satisfyingly quaffable drink is certainly the best way to embrace the sultry summers. Ever thought of giving your mundane tea a mojito twist? Adding a dash of chamomile mint leaves, will give you some respite from those humdrum tea evenings. Take the iconic green cuban mocktail beyond, here's how you can enjoy the benefits of chamomile tea with a twist.


  • 3 teaspoon Moroccan Mint
  • 3-4 lemon chunks
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon honey/agave nectar/sugar



  • Boil water to about 100 degree celcius
  • Add 3 tsps of Moroccan Mint in a brew maker
  • Add 50ml hot water to the brew maker
  • Leave it aside for two minutes
  • Add 1tbsp of honey/sugar, lemon chunks and mint leaves in a shaker and muddle them together with a muddler
  • Add a few crushed iced pieces in the shaker and pour the brewed Moroccan mint concoction into the shaker
  • Add some crushed ice in the glass and pour the mix with lemon chunks and mint from the shaker

Your Chamomile Mint Mojito is ready!


  • Relaxes your senses
  • Antioxidant rich tea

Garnish your tea generously with mint sprigs, till it is nothing less than a mosaic in emerald green jagged with icy white. Now relish the antioxidant rich tea that you just made. Relax your nerves, absorb the bliss of tranquility this tea promises.

Brew. Sip.Stir. Slurp, Repeat!