Love potion by Kettlery

We’re hearing a lot of questions about tea and romance these days “Is there a tea that will make my crush fall deeply in love with me?, Do you have a tea blend that will make my date fall head-over-heels? ”.

Many of our favourite blends contain ingredients that are believed to enhance feelings of well-being, excitement, and even stimulation. Many cultures believe herbs, spices and florals work not only on the physical body, but also on the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies as well.

So we got going & selected tea blends that are apt to be your “Love potions” for the lovey-dovey season!

Let us help you to get something brewing between you and that someone special at The Kettlery!

Persian Romance: Enchanting Rose, glistening Sunflower and aromatic jasmine petals come together in this black and green tea blend to fill it with umpteen romance and aroma!

Choco Wonder Nutella: Honeybush leaves with cocoa and hazelnut flavors; nutella like chocolaty taste. Can be made Iced or Hot, an ensemble for a perfect date!

Green Roses: Savour the strawberry and papaya flakes in this fruity green tea blend. The taste notes end with a smooth cranberry finish giving your senses a refreshing appeal.

Secrets of the east : This exotic blend made up of 8 different green & white teas; complex taste notes of mango, berries & rose petals makes for an ultimately soothing & rejuvenating potion!

Grace of Monaco: Elegant white tea blend with notes of vanilla and safflower petals for that royal yet subtle touch.

African Caramel: Melt away in the buttery sweetness of caramel with our African Caramel tea and swoon into your beloved’s dreamy eyes.