Hibiscus Kiwi Detox Fruit Tea: Recipe

The sweet, tangy, tropical Hibiscus Kiwi Detox fruit tea is all you need to quench your thirst in bouts of laziness this summer. People who love the tangy zing in the taste will fall for this drink for sure. If you have a sweet tooth, generously add a dab of honey!  

Hibiscus Kiwi Detox fruit Tea is a perfect way to hydrate your body, adding the necessary mineral and detoxifying your body.


  • 3 teaspoons Hibiscus Kiwi Fruit Blend
  • Cut fruits of your choice (strawberry, kiwi, orange, etc)
  • 1 tablespoon honey/agave nectar/sugar




    • Make a 200 ml concoction of hibiscus kiwi as follows
    • Boil water to about 100◦C
    • Add 3 tea spoons Hibiscus Kiwi Blend and 1 tablespoon honey or sugar in the Brew Maker
    • Add 200 ml hot water to the Brew Maker
    • Leave it aside for 5 minutes
    • Add some crushed ice in a pitcher
    • Add the sliced cucumber, mint leaves and fruits to the pitcher
    • Place the brew maker on the pitcher to filter the chamomile mint concoction and let it cool.

    For the final touches, add a sliced lime to the crimson hued drink, and relish it to your heart’s content. Savour the tantalizing taste of sour and sweet both at once!
    Your Detox Hibiscus Kiwi Iced Tea is ready!