Darjeeling Green Lemonade

Gone are the days when a glass of water would sufficiently replenish your post-workout sweat-drenched depleted body.
Now, imagine sipping your regular Darjeeling green tea with a lemony twist! The Darjeeling green lemonade is the perfect way to detoxify and energise yourself.


  • 200 ml Darjeeling Green Tea
  • 30 ml Honey
  • 50 ml Lime juice
  • Crushed Ice
  • Sliced fruits of choice like strawberry, orange, melon




    Make Herb Asia Tea Concentrate

    • Add 2 teaspoon of Darjeeling Green Tea in the Brew Maker
    • Add 30 ml honey/agave substitute based on preference
    • Add 200 ml hot water
    • Let it steep for 2 minutes

    Mocktail Trick

    • Add some ice cubes in the shaker and filter the tea in the shaker.
    • Add lime juice to the shaker and shake with ice.
    • Fill the glass/pitcher with Ice and add the sliced fruits on top.
    • Add crushed ice to the glass.
    • Add 1 tablespoon honey over the ice and filter the lemonade from the shaker to the glass.
    • Stir well (You can also add fennel/mint to the concoction for additional flavour)


    • Green tea rich in antioxidant
    • Perfect detoxifying and energizing drink to have after workouts.
    Don’t forget to garnish the lovely green drink, before you gulp it all down. Generously add fruit pieces and ice cubes to your drink.
    And you know rest of the story, Brew. Sip. Stir. Slurp. Repeat!