6 easy tea remedies

Tea has been around for centuries, being the preferred choice of beverage across varying cultures and customs. This quintessential drink is more than just a welcome beverage. True Teas, made from the Camellia Sinensisplant, are known to contain catechins, several vitamins, and minerals along with stress-relieving properties. Indeed they have much more to offer in the health department. Read along to know how tea can serve as a medicinal drink when your health troubles you.

Tummy Troubles?
Don’t you hate it when your stomach just can’t give you a break ? Well, if you’re suffering from stomach irregularities, constipation or cramps, Chamomile Tea can be your saviour. It’s anti-inflammatory property may help subside your tummy troubles. Also try blends likelike : 

Asia Chamomile and Fennel Tea     Chamomile Mint Tea

Fatigue and Headache

What if we told you that your frequent headaches can be treated with a cupful of Cinnamon Tea! Owing to its Manganese and Iron content along with other nutrients, cinnamon tea has proved helpful in treating headaches. Plus, its calming smell relieves you from any tension that might be causing your head to ache. The Kettlery’s ensemble has some fabulous cinnamon teas for you to choose from. Winter Cinnamon Green Tea

Spice Roots Herbal Tea

Fight Cold and Flu Symptoms

Honey and roasted black pepper are perfect partners to help cure sore throat and cough. Add honey to our awesome green tea blend Hari Chai. This tea has the classic Indian masala chai flavour with a healthier twist. It has the historic chai spices like cardamom, cinnamon and cloves with an added pinch of peppermint to refresh your palate. Follow these brewing instructions to make Hari Chai. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to the tea and drink it hot on an empty stomach to get rid of cold and flu symptoms. Also try Amusing Peppermint Herbal Tea for sore throat.

When you’re feeling nauseous

Thousands of years serve as a testimony to the effectiveness of Ginger Tea in treating nausea. It is a well-known medicinal fact globally. So the next time your stomach behaves topsy-turvy, have a cup of our Ginger Tea.  Green Ginger Tea

When you can’t sleep

Having one of those sleepless nights? We have a delicious solution for your problem. Brew yourself a cup of passion flower tea. Its light sedative qualities will make sure you doze off to your dreamland quickly. Here’s our Chamomile Mint Tea that has the ideal blend of passion flowers for you.  Chamomile Mint Tea

Feeling sluggish?

You might feel a little bit sluggish with mental cloudiness every now and then, but it shouldn’t stop you from being the best at what you do. So drive away those mental clogs with a boost of clean energy. Peppermint tea will awaken your senses quickly. Here’s our fix:  Amusing Peppermint Tea

For pleasure or for those days when you need pampering who would want to miss the chance to sip some delectable teas? You can find more goodness teas to stock up here. Sip on and stay healthy!